April 12, 2017

Cherry Blossom


“Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.”

Hello friends! As you might have noticed on my Instagram I am currently 5 months pregnant! And this is my first pregnancy post on the blog.

I just wanted to start off by saying how much I appreciate all of the kind and supportive comments I’m receiving. It just blows my mind what my body is doing right now and I love being able to share my excitement with you!

I feel like these past weeks went by so fast and sometimes I'd like to stop and just take in and realize everything that is happening right now in my life. I've always wanted my first child before turning 30, but I guess I thought being 28 would feel older, haha. Anyways, we thought it would be the right time for us and just gave it a try and we're really happy and blessed that it turned out this way and that I fell pregnant right away.

The whole first trimester was pretty exhausting. Sometimes I just fell asleep after work because I felt so tired out. I was lucky to have hardly any sickness but I had a lot of things going on at work and not being able to explain to people why I was in the lack of energy, fatigued, and emotional was kind of annoying. Luckily, my closest family and friends knew from the beginning, so they were a great support system.

Since I reached the second trimester I feel much much better. The second trimester is said to be the most enjoyable and I can underline that. I have all my energy back and enjoy continuing my workout routine. I also joined a pregnancy yoga class and I am really relishing it. I learned to listen to my body and its needs. Additionally, I just began to feel the movements of this little angel inside of me. It is just a weird but amazing feeling and I can't wait to feel it more intensively.

My husband is just the best, he has been over the top supportive and I think if he could carry the baby for me and give birth he would. He calms me when I start to melt down about no longer fitting in my high waist skinny jeans and tells me I’m beautiful. It absolutely melts my heart to see him kissing and talking to my belly. I feel ridiculously spoiled but it really has made pregnancy much easier and so damn enjoyable. 
He is going to be incredible, I feel so blessed!

I am really looking forward to the third and last trimester of this pregnancy, seeing the belly grow bigger and just hope that everything will go well.


  1. Oh wow this is so beautiful, congrats on your pregnancy!

    Ricarda of CATS & DOGS:

  2. the location is awesome! I love your dress <3

    xo Sunny

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! You look stunning. And how cute is your husband. He sounds super supportive

  4. The cherry blossoms look so beautiful! I love your grey sweater dress :)

  5. You look amazing dear! x


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