October 20, 2017

My Baby Boy's Nursery

"A house is made of walls and beams.
A home is made of Love and Dreams."

I am finally showing you my baby boy's nursery! 
I love how this room turned out although it felt a little hard to build a boy's room at first.

When I found out that I am having a boy I must admit that at first I did not really have an idea how to decorate the nursery as I am not a big fan of baby blue and it felt difficult to find alternatives. But thanks to Pinterest I soon found out that there are ton of alternatives! I wanted to achieve a look that was as much for my little boy as it was for me since I think that overtly juvenile nursery themes have an expire date because the little ones just don't stay little for so long.

Furthermore, due to the fact that as a new mom I am spending a lot of time in this nursery, I tried to create a sophisticated space that's equally as calming for me as it is for my baby boy.

Generally, I am in love with Scandinavian interior design, I like minimalistic, clean and bright designs with not too many colors. I decided on grey to be the main color in this nursery and combined it with simple white and neutral colors and added some details in gold like the lamp on the changing table and the side table next to the chair. 

Adding cute prints that I found on Etsy and some crochet animals (all handmade by my mother-in-law) are key elements for turning the room into a nursery. 

The nursery is finished for now, I will just add a book shelf once my boy is a bit older and I hope that he will love reading as much as his mother does. 

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