May 8, 2018

Why did I move to South Korea?

As you might have noticed on my Instagram, I recently moved from Wolfsburg, Germany to Seoul, the capitol of South Korea!
A lot of you reached out to me asking why I was moving, so today I am telling you why.

One day my husband came home from work and told me about an amazing job opportunity he got and asked me what I would say about living in South Korea!
At that exact same moment I honestly didnt’t know much about South Korea in general, so I did my research until we both decided: „Let’s do it!“

We both always saw each other living in another country (at least for a couple of years) and as we are working for a company that operates worldwide we were lucky to be able to live this dream. 
We are planning to live in South Korea for three years what I am very excited about. 

Unfortunately, when thinking about South Korea people (me included) think instantly about negative aspects, such as the Korean war but the country has so much more to offer.
When we travelled to Seoul a couple of weeks ago for apartment hunting and organization, I immediately felt comfortable here and Koreans are one oft the nicest, most polite and friendliest people I got to know.

I am sure life here will be challenging at some point, thinking about different cultures or language issues but they will lead to personal growth and improvement so I am excited to meet them!

To give you a little insight about the city I am now living in, I collected some facts about Seoul

safe: Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world, crime levels are very low. This is mainly due to the deep ethos of Korean population

fashion: Fashion is big in Korea (yay!), Koreans are obsessed with trends and streetwear is characterized by high-impact logos and statement- making looks

coffee culture: Korean take coffee very seriously, Seoul has the highest number of Starbucks in the world, besides that the city offers a variety of different cafés, especially themed cafés are common in Seoul, such as cats cafés, comic cafés or blind cafés

food: Eating Korean food outside is pretty cheap, healthy and delicious. The most famous Korean food is Kimchi, a traditional side dish which is fermented cabbage, spicy and loaded with lots of vitamins. Many Koreans own a special refrigerator just for Kimchi

wifi: Wifi is fast and free almost everywhere you go. Seoul is world leader in internet connectivity and has the highest global average internet speeds

demographics: Seoul is noted for its population density, which is almost twice that of New York. The population is around 10 million (in 2016). The metropolitan area is much larger at around 25 million. Rush hours can be a nightmare and living space is incredibly expensive

public transport system: Taking the subway is cheap, clean and effective (unfortunately not many elevators are available so taking the stroller can be challenging, therefore most Koreans carry their babies in a carrier)

education: Education is very important for Koreans, an average South Korean's child life revolves around education as pressure to succeed academically is deeply ingrained in South Korean children from an early age

bars: Drinking is rated very highly in Korea, the bar scene is diverse and drinks are cheap (Korean spirit consumption is the highest in the world)

convenience: Everything in Seoul is primed for convenience, almost all supermarkets deliver your purchases to your home, pharmacies are open 24 hours, delivery food options are endless

expat community: Lots of English teachers work here and a lot of American live here, as American military bases are located in Seoul

climate and environment: While Autumn is generally the nicest season of the year, the summers can be super hot and winters bitterly cold
If you have more information to share about Seoul or have further questions, let me know. :)


  1. Seoul was fun! Lived there with the US Military for 9 months! You’ll love it.

  2. ...and so that your anonymous cousin can immediately visit you there! Right? Right? ;-) See u soooooon...


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