Cherry Blossom

Walk slowly down the street
on the cold hard concrete,
with houses along the side,
and cars out for a drive.

Fire Hydrants that sit,
and mail boxes that stand.
And so many plants
put in this world by hand.

Nothing beats the beautiful.
The poise stance, the soft pink,
and the puff of the flower.

The Cherry Blossom.

Catching the attention and
arises positive thinking by the
neighborhood crowd.

The tree is rare
but the wandering strangers 

attention is allowed.

To eye,
the Cherry Blossom.

Pictures by Florian Maul


  1. Soo schöne Bilder! Wahnsinnig stimmig! Allgemein ist dein Blog wunderschön, liebes. ♥

    Love BB Foxy


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