Tulum: Cenote Dos Ojos & Nicte-Ha


One of the great things about Mexico is the many cenotes. A cenote is a natural sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposese groundwater underneath (source: Wikipedia). The Mayans used to build villages near these cenotes and believed that the formations were entrances to the underworld and that they were a portal to speak with gods. There is an estimated 6.000 cenotes in Mexico but less than the half have been explored. We decided to visit the two cenotes Dos Ojos and Nicte-Ha in Tulum because they were located near Akumal, where we were staying during our holiday.

Cenote dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos in Tulum was the first cenote we visited. Dos Ojos means "Two Eyes" and describes this cenote's two pools of water. We arrived very early in the morning so we could enjoy the cenote almost by ourselves before it got crowded. We took a Colectivo to get there and paid the 200 pesos entrance fee. Once we went through the park (that felt like walking through a jungle) and discovered the first cenote, I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt so magical to stand there and see this beautiful waterhole mother nature created. Crystal clear water was shining through the cave. Bats were flying around and and I could hear the echos of their screaming around the whole place. I have never seen anything like this before and pictures can't do it justice. 

The water inside the cenote is very cold and little fish are swimming around, curious about what just stepped into the water. One is not allowed to wear sunscreen while getting into the water, the stuff takes good care about the maintenance of the nature.



After we experienced Dos Ojos we went further to discover cenote Nicte-Ha (entrance fee: 100 pesos). This cenote was so different than Dos Ojos. It is one big cenote and has a peaceful, serene atmosphere. The latter is very out in the open and everything was light and filled with natural light. Other than Dos Ojos, this cenote is not located deep underground, with the water being open and exposed. This time we put on our snorkel gear and jumped right into the crystal clear water. It also was a bit cold at first but very refreshing as well. The whole place was so romantic and because of the fact that this place is less popular, we were the only ones visiting. I loved the rugged and natural jungle environment surrounding the cenote and simply listening to nature as I was floating around.

Having the opportunity to swim and discover such a magical place was simply amazing and such a special and memorable experience that I will cherish forever.



  1. WOW. Was für tolle Inspirationen. Die beiden Ausflüge werden sicherlich lang in eurem Gedächtnis bleiben
    Liebst Kathi

    1. Ja, das wird es wirklich..

      Vielen Dank, liebe Kathi! <3

  2. Wirklich super cool <3

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  3. Oh wow, was für wunderschöne Fotos. Ich war Anfang des Jahres auch in Mexiko und die Cenoten sind wirklich atemberaubend! Dein Blog ist super und ich liebe deine tollen Bilder.

    Ines - twashion.com

  4. Die Fotos sind wunderschön! Die Natur sieht wirklich atemberaubend aus :)

    Würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns gegenseitig folgen und uns so unterstützen <3

    Liebe Grüße


  5. That location is incredible! <3


  6. The images are beautiful.Good job!
    Good vibes, FOX
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  7. Oh man sind das schöne Bilder! Ich möchte auch wieder zurück irgendwo ans Meer. :p


  8. Wow, that place is a paradise! Stunning pictures!


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