Shalom, Tel Aviv!


I just came back from my New Year's Eve vacation in T e l  A v i v, Isreael. The trip was amazing and I fell in love with this city at first sight.

Like New York City, Tel Aviv is known as the "City that never sleeps" because of its lively nightlife, dynamic atmosphere and the famous 24-hour culture. And when you arrive there, you feel this immediately. Despite of that, Tel Aviv is much like a village. It is walkable and it is not very hard to get around. There is always many things happening in different areas of the city. 

The first morning in Tel Aviv I woke up from the sunlight that was fulfilling my apartment. On the short way to the beach I saw Surfer in their wetsuits carrying their surfboards and I had to remind myself that I am not in California. It was December and pretty cold in Germany already so I really appreciated the warm breeze that felt like summer. 

I heard someone saying that Tel Aviv is like New York on sea. I wouldn't go that far, but it has some of that city's energy. Tel Aviv is known for its bars, clubs and rooftop parties. The city's amazing nightlife attracts DJs from around the world. The variety of night clubs and bars is guaranteed to satisfy any musical taste.

The next thing I really loved was the food. I mean, I love eating in general, but when I am in another country, I always try to maintain the peoples way of eating and I love discovering new food choices. I am very much into oriental food and all this hummus was killing me!

Here is a list of my favorite parts of Tel Aviv, that you should not miss when visiting:

Rothschild Boulevard:
This is one of the most important and iconic streets in Tel Aviv. Walking along Rothschild Boulevard is a beautiful experience, stopping along the way to observe the architecture, or for a coffee or meal at one of the many restaurants the street has to offer. It is one of Tel Aviv’s most fascinating and trendiest streets and after visiting, you’ll understand why!

Talking about style in Tel Aviv take a stroll down Rothschild Boulevard or Shenkin Street and you will immediately notice that Tel Avivians have a unique style. The city’s street look is an effortless combination of comfort and style. Tel Avivians embrace the vintage look, and they make it work.

Florentin is said to be a lot like Brooklyn, except everything is in Hebrew and there are way less Orthodox Jews. A bit grungy, you can find some of the best bars in Tel Aviv on Florentin street and down by the intersection with Vidal Street. There is lots of cafés, too. 

Camel Market:
The Carmel Market, or Shuk HaCarmel, is the most central and famous of all Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. Trendsetters taste the latest culinary trend at one of the small unmarked restaurants here. No matter what kind of food you like you will find it on the Camel market. I had the best Shakshuka here.

Sarona Market:
The Sarona Market complex was established to be the heartbeat of Israeli culinary art. It is Israel's largest indoor culinary market and offers a variety of food markets. You can compare Sarona Market to La Boqueria in Barcelona, the Chelsea Market in New York City, and the Borough Market in London. 
This is a must while visiting!

Jaffa Old City: 
I loved strolling around the Old part of Jaffa so much. It is such a romantic place and you can find so many pretty alleys, underground churches, design shops and trendy galleries here. Its restaurants are a great destination in the evening when buildings and the old port are illuminated and reflect in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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